Does choosing yarn for your projects leave you confused and overwhelmed?

Discover how to choose the right yarn and materials for any knitting project!

  • Learn the differences in fibers and how to select the right ones for any project.

  • Uncover the mysteries of yarn yardage and gauge to know how they will affect your project.

  • Confidently decipher yarn labels so you know what the symbols mean and how to apply them.

  • Find out why some yarns are better for a particular project than others.

  • Get helpful tips to easily convert meters to yards.

  • Learn the ninja tips for substituting yarns with confidence.

  • Find out what calculations you'll need to substitute a different weight for you project.

  • Know what to do when yarn doesn't have a label.

What You'll Learn in Each Section

Section 1

Yarn Label Know-How

Do yarn labels confuse you? In this section, we'll decipher yarn labels so that you can use the information to your advantage and confidently choose the RIGHT yarn for your project!

We'll also discuss what dye lots are and why they are important to your next project.

But what happens if a yarn skein doesn't have a label? We'll cover that, too. I'll show you my favorite trick for discovering a yarn's weight and you'll receive a handy chart for reference!

Yarn Label Know-How

Section 2

Yarn Weights

Yarn weight means the thickness of the yarn, not how much it weighs.

In this section, you'll learn how to understand the importance of yarn weight and how much it can impact the finished outcome of your project.

You'll also learn about the term "yarn ply" and how it affects the yarns of today.

In addition, you'll receive a hand Yarn Weights Chart printable that you can refer to anytime to select the right weight yarn for your project.

Yarn Weight Guide

Section 3

Yarn Categories

Did you know that yarn fibers fall into certain categories?

Knowing which yarn category to choose for your knitting project can make or break the finished outcome.

In this section, we'll dive into categories so that you can substitute yarn for a successful project that has the look, feel, and drape you want.

Yarn Categories

Section 4

Knitting Gauge

The gauge swatch is a knitting test drive to make sure the yarn you've chosen works with your project.

In this section, I'll cover the importance of knitting a gauge swatch, how to know if you've knit to gauge, and what to do if your gauge is too loose or too tight.

Knowing these tips and tricks will ensure a project that looks and fits as intended.

Knitting Gauge

Section 5

How to Substitute Yarn

Choosing the RIGHT yarn for your project is one of the most difficult parts of knitting! In this class, we'll unravel the mysteries of substituting yarn so you can select yarn like a pro.

Did you know there are websites out there that can suggest yarn substitutes? I'll show you what to look for and how to use these resources.

You'll also learn to figure out how much yarn you'll need for a project and how to deal with metric/yard conversions.

Finally, you'll receive a detailed yarn substitution worksheet and I'll take you step-by-step through using it like a wiz!

How to Substitute Yarn

Section 6

Yarn Knowledge

Not all yarn is created equal. In this section, we'll cover how yarn and why is put-up (hank, skein, ball, and cake) differently.

We'll unravel the mystery of center-pull vs. outside pull-skeins so you know which way is correct. You'll also learn my easy and relaxing method for winding a hank into a ball so it can be knitted.

Finally, we'll discuss how to properly care for and wash your handknits. You'll even receive a PDF guide for the most popular yarn care instructions.

Yarn Knowledge

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What to do with all that yarn!

Constance LawMarcom

An excellent walk through matching your stashes of yarn to a new pattern.

An excellent walk through matching your stashes of yarn to a new pattern.

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5 star rating


Sylvia Murray

I gained a great deal of helpful information in this course. Understanding yarn fibers, weights, and the gauge has increased the awareness needed when selec...

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I gained a great deal of helpful information in this course. Understanding yarn fibers, weights, and the gauge has increased the awareness needed when selecting and completing knitting projects. Excellent resources for yarn substitutions.

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Take a Peek at What's in the Bootcamp

  • 1

    Welcome to Yarn Bootcamp!

    • Are you ready to learn about yarns?

    • Why Yarn Bootcamp?

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Yarn Label Know-How

    • How to read a yarn label

    • What is dye lot?

    • What to do when yarn doesn't have a label

    • Wraps Per Inch Chart PDF Printable

  • 3

    Yarn Weights

    • What is a Yarn Ply?

    • Does Yarn Weight Matter?

    • Yarn Weights PDF

  • 4

    Yarn Categories

    • The Four Yarn Types

    • You Know the 4 Yarn Categories, Now What?

  • 5


    • Test Your New Yarn

    • Understanding gauge

  • 6

    How to Substitute Yarn

    • Which Comes First: Pattern or Yarn?

    • Why do knitters substitute yarn?

    • How to Find Yarn Substitutions - Rav & Yarn Sub

    • Meters vs. Yards

    • How much yarn do I need?

    • How to Use the Yarn Substitution Worksheet: Part 1

    • How to Use the Yarn Substitution Worksheet: Part 2

    • Yarn Substitution Worksheet PDF Printable

  • 7

    Yarn Knowledge

    • Hank, Skein, Ball - What's the Difference?

    • How to wind a hank into a ball?

    • Outside pull vs. center-pull skeins

    • Fiber care

    • Fiber Care PDF Printable

  • 8

    Substituting Yarn Weights

    • Substituting Yarn Weights Overview

    • How to Change Yarn Weight on an Easy Knitting Pattern

    • Mercado Cowl PDF Printable

    • How to Change Yarn Weight on a More Advanced Project

    • Mercado Sweater PDF Printable

  • 9

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

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